Why a Self-Serve COI is Essential


Project Continuity

Prevent project delays by obtaining your Certificate of Insurance (COI) instantly. With our streamlined process, you can access the necessary documentation promptly, ensuring smooth project execution without unnecessary setbacks.


Confidence on the Job

Commence your project promptly, recognizing that, as a contractor, time equates to money. By initiating your project on schedule, you optimize productivity and efficiency, ensuring that you stay on track to meet deadlines and maximize profitability.


Manage on the Move

Skip the hassle of searching for COI acquisition methods. Our streamlined process ensures you swiftly obtain the Certificate of Insurance, saving you time and effort.

Marker Insurance Makes it Easy – Your COI, is a tap away

Self-Service COI

Generate and access your COI directly from your smartphone. It's quick, easy, and ensures you're always ready.

Support When You Need It

Our responsive team is here to provide rapid assistance and policy updates if needed.

Effortless Management

Use our streamlined client portal via the app to manage your policies effortlessly, even when you're on-site.

Take Control of Your Insurance– Ask Us How

With Marker Insurance, obtaining a COI is quick and hassle-free. Our technology-driven approach puts you in control, ensuring your construction business stays uninterrupted and fully protected.