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I called the Public Adjuster before my carrier – And I ask why?

I called the Public Adjuster before my carrier – And I ask why?

Over the past several years, I have seen a rise of people calling first a public adjuster and not the insurance carrier. When I ask them, I get several answers that in my opinion are incorrect responses that effect the out come;

  1. I saw the ads on TV and radio and thought that was what I needed to do?
  2. If I would have gone to the carrier directly I would have gotten less money.
  3.  I thought that this is what I was supposed to do.

At first, my reaction is, same on us, the insurance agents that we have not been successful in educating our customers to report a claim first to the carrier and only if there is no cooperation from the carrier to get a public adjuster involved. in other words, if it is “black & white” no need for a public adjuster.

Don’t get me wrong, public adjusters are there to help you. They are there to help you when the carrier doesn’t respond in the right way. Remember, the insurance carrier will assign an adjuster, in most cases this is a third party adjuster that is looking out for you – FOR FREE.  A public Adjuster get’s paid 10%-30% of your claims money.  I ask why?

In south Florida in particular, but in Florida as a whole, we are seen an increase in claims that involve Public adjuster and attorneys.  The ripple effect we are feeling today is huge.

Most carriers have pulled out  of south Florida, the ones that stayed increased premium in average 40-60% and in some cases even more. In addition, coverage has changed and now fo more premium we are getting less coverage and more restrictions – read your renewal – it is not the same as what you had last year.

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